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Simple paycheck budgeting for everyone.

We all handle our budgets differently. Halfdollar enables you to create and manage your budget no matter how often or when you earn and spend your money.


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Create your unique budget

Plan a bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly budget. Decide what categories you need for your style of spending and ways of making money. Control the functions of categories and subcategories you create to ensure your budget works for you.


Automate your transactions

Instantly link your bank accounts, credit card accounts, and other transaction based accounts. Watch them sync and move into place. For cash or other transactions, you can create them manually.


Manage in your way

Move your transactions where you want them and watch Halfdollar learn. Compare your month to month, or week to week, or year to year. Adjust your budget as you go. Then share your budgets with your spouse, or business partner, or friend, or mom. Finally set up notifications so you can be alerted when your plan starts filling up.

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