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We aim to help you overcome the overwhelming nature of managing your finances.

Our goal is to make sure you have to tools to feel comfortable understanding what goes on between your separate sources of income and all of your bills, recurring subscriptions, and different expenses.

Everyone gets paid differently and no one should be forced to budget in only a monthly format. So we have built a simple way to create a bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly budget. We also allow you to enable text and email notifications so you know when you are reaching your planned amount, helping worry less about what you're spending.

Connect your accounts

Instantly link your bank accounts, credit card accounts, and other transaction based accounts. Watch them sync and move into place. You are also able to create manual transactions.

Share with anyone

Invite a spouse, friend, partner, or anyone you want to your budgets. Give them different access types so you can manage your budgets together.

Search for anything

Use the search functionality to easily find a particular transaction or see what you’ve spent on Lyft, and made from Lyft.

Choose your time frame

You get to decide how you view your budget, whether on a monthly basis, or planning every two weeks. With the date selector, you can quickly see how each time period compares to one another. You plan your budget according to what works best for you.

Still not sure if Halfdollar is right for you?

Check out our pricing model and the Halfdollar promise.

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